Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Gartner's 8

Saturday June 12, 2010
My First Marathon!

There are time in our lives we get to set a goal and actually complete it! I've set many that haven't been accomplished and due to various illnesses and injuries during the months of training there were times when I began to feel that this would be another goal to fall by the wayside. Fortunately, everything fell into place, the hard work, the support of friends and family all led to the moment I could run across the finish line!
The day began at 3:00 am after a somewhat restless night. I kept waking up and checking the clock because I was dreaming that I was late! After a bus ride up Provo Canyon to the start line, we had about an hour wait. At 5:30 the race began and so did the rain! It rained on us for the first 9 miles, I had to take my glasses off because I could actually see better without them due to the rain drops collecting on the lenses. When the rain finally stopped, however, the weather was actually perfect for running. It stayed overcast and in the mid 50's the whole time. An almond Snicker's bar at mile 18 really hit the spot and when I saw my husband and my three youngest children at the finish line I couldn't help but smile despite the pain in my legs and feet! It was a fantastic experience and hopefully my IT Band on my left leg will heal in the next few weeks so I can start running again. The next goal is to beat my 5K time at the Saint Luke's Women's Fitness run in September!